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No page would be complete with a list of links to sites the author has found useful or helpful. On this page it is my intent to provide a list of links in various categories. If you should have a page, and wish to trade links, just write to me. The moment I see my link on your page, I will be glad to do the same. I don't expect this particular part of my page will ever remain static. If it does, it means I've stopped searching for new and interesting sites, and people have stopped visiting mine. So with no further delay, the links begin.

Web Page Help



If you're thinking of posting a web page and want lots of space for free, this is the place to go. It offers 50 megs of space to use, and features an easy to use interface.

arrowVirtual Promotion
Once you have decided to post a site, you'll no doubt want to advertise it. This is the place to do it. There are links to thousands of search engines, all kinds of tips on how to publicize your pages, and a good deal of it is completely free.

arrowNetCreators Icons
On this page you'll find an interesting assortment of animated gifs for you page, as well as non-animated clipart, lines, bullets, etc. There are also a number of links to other clipart sites.

Starting Page

The Presidency in 1960

Accepting the Nomination

Address to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association

Remarks at the University of Michigan

Address to the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Inaugural Address

The President and the Press

Message to the Congress

The Berlin Crisis

Speech to the United Nations

Anniversary of the Inaugural

Address at the University of California

Statement on the Steel Crisis

Address at Yale University

JFK Sound Bytes

National Space Effort

Situation at the University of Mississippi

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